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Wireless Internet Services

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Wan4U Offers wireless internet to clients in the Pretoria and Thabazimbi Area(see below for full coverage). Wireless internet has become the solution to landline based internet for many reasons such as superior speed, and cable theft. We started out with a single 64k diginet line in 2001, and we have since grown our network to distribute multiple wireless fiber lines to our clients so that we can ensure they get the best quality internet possible. We only use the carrier-class equipment to provide clients with a solid, stable link to our towers. The packages we offer, along with their prices are listed below.

Network Coverage: Akasia, Andeon, Annlin, Booysens, Capital, Park, Chantelle, Claremont, Clarina, Daspoort, Dorandia, Doornpoort, Eloffsdal, Florauna, Gardens, Gesina, Heatherdale, Hercules, Hesteapark, Karen, Park, Kirkney, Klerksoord, Mondustria, Montana, Montana Tuine, Mountain-View, Ninapark, Onderstepoort, Orchids, Parktown, Pretoria, North, Queenswood, Rietfontein, Rosslyn, Sinnoville, Suiderberg, Tileba, Theresapark, Waverley, Winternest, Wolmer, Wonderboom, Wonderboom-South, Die Wilgers, La Montagne, Silverton, Silvertondale, Murrayfield, Lynwood Glen, Equestria, Watloo, Eersterust, Silver Lakes, Nellmapius, Brumeria, Navorsdorp, Meyerspark, Thabazimbi, Hornsnek, Rooibokkraal, Cumberland, Sentrum, Hartbeeshoek, Garankuwa, Magaliesmoot


Wan4u Would like to introduce our incentive program to all our Wireless customers:

  • Refer a customer to our network and we will give you 80GB Standard capped data or the same value to be credited on account.

Terms and conditions:
Referred customer must be successfully installed and working for 2 months.
Not effective on upgrade or downgrade packages. 2 Year Contract needs to be signed and accepted. Must be a new referral(Must not be on Wan4u database)



Standard Capped Packages

Name                        Price  Cost/GB  Cost P/Topup Contract
10GB R 151 p/m R 15.10 R 181 No
30GB R 348 p/m R 11.60 R 413 No
80GB R 504 p/m R 6.30 R 581 Yes
160GB R 807 p/m R 5.04 R 968 Yes
400GB  R 1 513 p/m R 3.78 R 1 815 Yes
1TB R 3 228 p/m R 3.15 R 3 873 Yes
Public IP R 201 p/m -   -
Night Surfer R 100 p/m -   -

Premium Capped Packages

Name                        Price  Cost/GB  Cost P/Topup Contract
10GB R 302 p/m R 30.20 R 363 No
30GB R 706 p/m R 23.53 R 746 No
80GB R 1 008 p/m R 12.60 R 1 089 Yes
160GB R 1 614 p/m R 10.08 R 1 916 Yes
400GB  R 3 026 p/m R 7.56 R 3 631 Yes
1TB R 4 035 p/m R 3.94 R 4 841 Yes
2TB R 7 061 p/m R 3.44 R 8 473 Yes
4TB R 12 105 p/m R 2.95 R 14 526 Yes
Public IP R 201 p/m -   -
Night Surfer R 100 p/m -   -


Uncapped Packages

  • All uncapped packages has been discontinued. The Night Surfer on our capped packages replaces the uncapped packages.
  • If you need an uncapped solution, you may contact Wan4u for more information about our carrier grade solution.


Night Surfer
Wan4u also supply After hours night surfer option @ R100 for our Capped and clients:

  • Ignore all traffic for capped clients.

  • All queue's will be disabled for maximum speeds between 1am and 6am.

  • Excludes Public Holidays

Night Surfer Ignore Traffic schedule table

Day Time
Monday 10pm-7am
Tuesday 10pm-7am
Wednesday 10pm-7am
Thursday 10pm-7am
Friday 10pm-7am
Saturday Whole day
Sunday Whole day


  • All capped packages run on guaranteed 1024kbps Base speed - but no upper speed limit! Uncapped packages burst up to 1.5 times their base speed.
  • The Night Surfer speed will also be throttled if you used all your CAP. The Night Surfer Ignore only the traffic on capped packages if there is CAP available on your subscription.
  • Wan4u cannot guarantee any traffic speed, business or home package between Friday 22:00 – Monday 07:00 (Whole weekend) Monday – Friday 22:00 – 07:00 (Normal weekdays)

Open Time
Wan4u schedules this feature on all packages and is activated automatically

  • All speed queues will be disabled allowing maximum throughput speed.
  • No speed is guaranteed during Open Time schedule
  • Traffic will be counted if night surfer is not enabled
  • If data cap have been reached Open Time will disable any throttle and data will be counted as additional

Open Time schedule table

Day Time
Every day 1am-6am


Estimated costs of Home installation:

Distance from Tower Amount est. Equipment
0 - 2 Km R 3 000 to R 3 500 Small Dish
2 - 5 Km R 3 500 to R 4 000 Small Dish - Medium Dish
5 - 8 Km R 4 500 to R 5 500 Medium Dish - Large Dish
8 - 15 km R 6 000 to R 12 000 Large Dish - 120cm Dish
  • Installation distance longer than 15Km will be scrutinized by Wan4u and judged accordingly.

  • Minimum installation time is 2 hours, if surpassed hourly labour charge will be billed.

  • Contract budget will cover only up to R 3500 in total costs, if charges exceeds R 3500 the client will be billed extra.


All installations are done by qualified installer and technician.

Please note that, if you wish to request a quote, we will need to do FREE line of sight inspection FIRST. We can not provide an accurate quote before this has been done. Also, all lighting earthing must be done and is not part of installation costs. The Client is responsible for the earthing of the building and/or mast. If this is not done by the client, Wan4u will install the earthing on the building and/or mast at additional costs. Safety of equipment is the Client's responsibility and NOT that of Wan4u.