Online Wireless Gaming

by Willie du Plessis

Tue, Apr 30, 24

Online gaming has grown tremendously over the past decade, ranging from users under 10 years to users above 70 years.

Wireless internet gaming has also grown due to cable theft in South Africa, making way for more users using wireless internet connectivity.

Gamers do not require high throughput connections but rather high quality internet and lower latencies in order to uphold a “lag free” gaming experience. Using a proper capped wireless connection with the right network equipment, the ultimate wireless gameplay can begin.

Here are some tips and tricks to achieve the best wireless gaming experience:

  1. Make sure your computer is connected with a cable to the internet router or switch.
  2. Make sure the cable is not coiled up, causing interference and packet loss.
  3. Turn off any updates on your pc and make sure your antivirus is off or running on “game mode”.
  4. Close all necessary background processes or programs e.g. peer to peer programs such as uTorrent.
  5. Make sure other devices on the network are turned off or not using the internet extensively.
  6. Play competitive and clan matches during non peak times- Wan4u recommends before 10pm.
  7. Use your Wan4u customer portal or login to your wifi router to view your usage. This will give gamers insight to their network usage and allow them to benchmark their internet experience. Make sure that you are connecting to local game servers, as international servers may result in up to 300 ms ping rates and cause gaming frustration and latency.
  8. Check with your wireless internet provider (Wan4u) that the latest firmware is installed on your specific router model. This might provide updates and performance improvements.
  9. Also check that the local ping speed to your internet router or gateway is below 1ms.
  10. At additional cost, a gamer can install third party software that a creates (GPN) gaming private network and decreases latency with up to 30%. e.g. (What the Fast)

If the above is done correctly, the gamer will have the best advantage that wireless internet can provide them.


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