Wireless Internet Capped VS Uncapped

by Willie du Plessis

Tue, Apr 30, 24

Wireless internet can be categorised into two major categories namely capped and uncapped.

This causes a great amount of confusion for new users who need to choose the right solution for their internet requirements.

Wireless capped internet solutions

The pro’s of capped wireless internet are that you can choose what package size you require for each month as well as receiving quality internet when using voice over ip and online gaming. This option is for users who require quality and stable internet, with lower latencies and less connection issues.

The cons of capped wireless internet is that you need to make sure what package size and package speed you require to fit your monthly data plan. Wan4u provides their customers with a mobile app and online portal where they can purchase top up bundles with 1 month of carry over data.

Wireless uncapped internet solutions

True uncapped wireless internet provides customers with unlimited internet access (downloading and usage) at variable speeds. This eliminates the requirement for regular top up bundles or additional costs.

Uncapped wireless internet may lead to user who abuse their line and cause usage issues, ranging from wireless spectrum inefficiency to packet storms on the network. This can cause huge problems, leading to complaints such as packet loss and disconnection issues.

Most customers prefer a stable and reliable internet service, hence making uncapped the less preferred option.

Download more with Wan4u’s Night surfer package

Wan4u provides a “Night surfer” add on that enables a true uncapped option. This allows capped users to enjoy a hybrid, uncapped option during after hours. Wan4u also introduced an “open time” service available on all packages between 1am and 6am. This provides our users’ equipment to perform as fast as possible with unlimited speed (Autobahn style).

Our open time service provides a better user experience for customers in need of large downloads, ranging from 100Gb to 1TB per day and 10TB per month, without facing penalties or fair usage policies whilst using the Night surfer product.


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